On a very hot summer day, the third Central Broodmare Registration was performed at Gestüt Webelsgrund at June 10th, 2006. The pictures by Alexandra Gräfin Dohna show the atmosphere of this event, certainly partially responsible for the great success. You find the Presentation of the horses with ranking here on the website (in German language) of the Trakehner Zuchtbezirk Niedersachsen/Hannover.


A mare stands in front of the jury.


Kat.Nr.64 - Ordina by EH. Hohenstein and Odessa XI by Kostolany - Breeder and owner: Friedrich Hanning, Extertal
55 P. -- 4th place of the 3-years-old mares.

Validation in the arena.

Sale of gateaus

Sale of gateaus.