Russian visitors

Visitors from Russia

Trakehner breeders from Russia accompanied by Mrs. Inessa Porturaeva, vice president of the Trakehner Association in Russia, visited Webelsgrund stud for orientation about our breeding goals and our stallions.

The Russian delegation visited Germany to contact Trakehner studs with the ambition to win new bloodlines for the Russian Trakehner breed, to buy broodmares and to begin an international cooperation both in sports and in presale.

The Delegation of 6 persons was accompanied by Leonhard Thiel and headed by Mr. Wladimir Pronin, who is chief of the police department in Moscow and breeder with 50 Trakehner mares. He wants to aggrandize his herd of Trakehner mares.

Mr. Merkulov Anatoly is bearer of a stud at Moscow. He's very interested in cooperation. His companion in life Inessa Porturaeva is one of the best dressage-riders in Russia.

Stud master Eckehard Rönnefarth presented the stallions of Webelsgrund and selected mares, riding-horses and young horses. Subsequently there was a long expert talk in friendy atmosphere, concluding with an invitation to Moscow.

Harald Erdsiek

Russian visitiors