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Webelsgrund Stud

Surrounded by large pastures and old trees, the stud farm Webelsgrund has been offering since 1954 optimal conditions for horse breeding.
This unique farm can look back at numerous success stories in breeding. Many champion stallions and appr. 35 approved stallions were bred and raised in Webelsgrund, first of all the champions Auftakt, Kastor, Schwalbenfreund, Holunder and Itaxerxes.

We continue this breeding history successfully. First-class stallions and mares will guarantee that Webelsgrund will stay most important in producing outstanding sires as well as rescueing and preserving great old mare families.
Heuriger by Herzbube


A passion with tradition

Impuls certainly has to be named first, it was due to him that Webelsgrund became a world famous stud, not only for Trakehner enthusiasts.

Herzbube influenced the Trakehner breed to quite an extent. His son, the elite stallion Heuriger, was born and raised at Webelsgrund. He was one of the most successful Trakehner dressage horses, winning a team silver medal at the World Equestrian Games in Den Haag in 1994 (dutch team - rider: Ellen Bontje).

Tenor was approved in 1981. He sired several approved sons and successful sport horses. Itaxerxes, Shannon, Iglesias had been his best sons. Iffland, approved 2002, is his last son.

The elite stallion Michelangelo continues this tradition now.
Tenor by Tümmler


shows the progress of our breed

An example

High Twist

by Oliver Twist
and High Socks by Märchenprinz

You finde more young horses on our sales webpage.
High Twist
High Twist by Oliver Twist

Red Fitz is present any time.


our stallions
Checkpoint Heuberger
Checkpoint Heuberger
Elite Stallion Michelangelo Le Duc Betel XX
EH. Michelangelo Le Duc Betel XX