Stallion presentation at Webelsgrund Stud March 1st, 2009

The Stallion-Show at Webelsgrund 2009

We performed the stallion presentation at Webelsgrund stud March 1st, 2009.

The riding hall was fully occupied, while the premium stallion Checkpoint had a good start demonstrating his talent over the obstacles under his rider Marion Gutzeit (RuFV Springe).

Afterwards the five-year-old Elfenstein was presented in dressage by the Finnish rider Terhi Stegars, who has occupied 20 horse stalls at Webelsgrund since November, 2008.

Jonathan Silfver presented subsequently the 8-year-old stallion Oliver Twist. He was aible to show the stallions excellent traits, especially in trot.

Lord Luciano was presented with his first offspring in 2009. The black filly who's mother is a decendant from Sabary, showed energical traits and best Trakehner type.

The stallion Payano followed with Terhi Stegars. She was successful with him more than 50 times in dressage in class S and Grand Prix and won twice the Championship of Finland.

Before the yearlings had been shown running freely, the stallions Polarion and Axis, both successful in class S, had been shown in Grand Prix lessons. The 16-year-old Polarion, ridden by Karl Cuypers, came back to Webelsgrund from England two days ago. The 10-year old stallion Axis showed S-class lessons under Terhi Stegars. She prepares the black stallion for the Finnish Championchip.

In the finale, the stallions Axis, Checkpoint, Lord Luciano, Oliver Twist und Polarion had been presented together.

"A completely successful event!" - that was the reaction of the public and the résumé of Burgi and Harald Erdsiek and of the stud master Christine Sperling. Breed and sport belong together at Webelsgrund stud!
Breeder and sportsmen discussed finally in the evening.

Checkpoint with Marion Gutzeit

Hiddensee in front of the public

Lord Luciano with Terhi Stegars