Stallion presentation at Webelsgrund Stud March 4th, 2007

Checkpoint   Lord Luciano

The Stallion Show at Webelsgrund 2007

The surrounding conditions of this year's stallion show at Gestüt Webelsgrund could not have been more fitting for this event: A great early spring day and full spectator ranks promised a great show! And the stallions at Webelsgrund showed themselves in perfect condition.

The first appearance was made by a true "worldwide Trakehner", the bay LORD LUCIANO (breeder & owner: Debra Tyler, Benson, USA). This charming and always willing son of Enrico Caruso once more displayed his outstanding athleticism, which already made him many fans at his approval in Wickrath. In a small free jumping demonstration, the stallion impressed with excellent technique, good bascule and an especially evident work ethic.

Next in line and over jumps was the impressive CHECKPOINT (breeder: Julia Voigtländer, Berlin). This premium son of Polarpunkt has matured into a most exciting sire. His stallion expression in combination with his large frame and good long lines make him a high quality breeding stallion. His big talent is clearly in show jumping, which he impressively demonstrated over bars raised to the top! The major points in his heritage, namely the improvement of size, frame and substance in his foals, was strikingly displayed by his yearling son out of Schwarze Schwalbe II by EH Arogno, a colt that can clearly be marked "stallion candidate". Equally spectacular was his half sister out of the Webelsgrund bred and owned Anemone by Sabary: this champion foal from 2006 showed excellent manners and a high degree of elegance.

The outstanding, Czech-born thoroughbred stallion BETEL XX is new at Gestüt Webelsgrund, and a more impressive sport horse stallion is probably hard to find. Over 30 wins and placings at S level show jumping competitions in Europe are on the record and clearly make him stand out among TB stallions in Germany. No wonder he jumps with ease and most willing, both in a free jumping demonstration as well as under his constant rider and owner, Katarina Michlikova.

And also under the dressage saddle, the "American" Lord Luciano left a brilliant impression that day. He showed a lot of improvement in the ability to sit and carry his weight on his haunches - most certainly also made possible by his superb rider, Melanie Sandig. The walk and canter tour is a strong point of this talented youngster anyway! With perked ears he literally enjoyed the applause and seemed very happy!

Following Lord Luciano, it was time for a festive moment. Or at least that is always the feeling that spectators have when MICHELANGELO, the current "Stallion of the Year", enters the arena. This 22 year old stallion (breeder: Gestüt Heinen, Bönninghardt) shows vitality that is amazing for his age and performance record. He was shown in hand by the stud manager Ekkehard Rönnefarth, and after all, his excellent condition is also a testimony to the care he receives from his Webelsgrund team.

IN PETTO came next, and what a joy that was! Again superbly ridden by Melanie Sandig, this impressive, pitch-black Buddenbrock son (breeder: Hans-Joachim Scharffetter, Schwanewede) fully convinced in a freestyle at S level, displaying light connection and a very high degree of impulsion and elasticity. This pair clearly displayed model harmony.

Webelsgrund has a new partner since a few years, the farm of Britta and Peter Heinen. The close connection was not only evident in the appearances of Michelangelo and In Petto, but also in the highlight of the day, the Heinen-bred POLARION (owner: Dr. W. Bechtoldsheimer, UK). The international Grand Prix dressage rider Markus Gribbe himself came to showcase his long-time partner and sire of the World Champion Grafenstolz! The freestyle at Grand Prix level was breathtaking and Polarion impressed with his maximal shoulder freedom and evident security in the tasks asked of him. With this incredibly athletic Van Deyk-son, the Bechtoldsheimer family has sent one of the most interesting sport sires of our time to Gestüt Webelsgrund.

All in all, this was a show that left no wishes unfulfilled, both in its course and choreography. Not only a few breeders in the expert crowd made their final stallion choices that day!

Erhard Schulte