Elite Stallion

Stallion of the year 2006

born May 10, 1985

+ June 3, 2008

Height 167 cm

Approved Neumünster in 1987

Stallion Performance Test
Warendorf in 1988:
Total index 126,65

Trackrecord of all times until now !

Breeder: Gestüt Heinen-Issum
Elite Stallion Michelangelo   Sire of the dam Trakehner
Bundessiegerstute 2000

Father of the reserve winner mare
Schleswig-Holstein 2000
Herzchen's Letzte
Father of the Prime Stallion
approved Neumünster 2000

Father of the dam of the
second most expensive
stallion foal Neumünster
in 2000, Graf Kunath

Father of the denmark-wide
Trakehner winner mare 2001,

Father of Just Mickey
Olympic Games, Athens 2004

Trakehner Stallion
of the year, Neumünster 2006

Top hereditor of international popularity -- 13 approved sons !

Best Trakehner
Mare hereditor
2001 to 2005

Breeding value 2005: 146

new breedingvalue estimation as .pdf
(170 KB)

of Michelangelo

Pasteur XX
Herold XX
Bramouse XX
Praline XX
Ticino XX
Pusta XX
ES.SPS. Miami
Mirabell II

from the left: From Michelangelo's first foal class: Winner stallion 1991 Kennedy, winner mare Kendy and prime stallion Guy Laroche
Champion of the US mare inspection 2006: Sistine by EH. Michelangelo and Süntellied by Kostolany - breeder Walter v.d. Weyhe
left: Kolomba, Mare Champion ATA Mare/Young Horse Show, Reserve Grand Champion Cedar Trace Sporthorse Festival
Champion of the US mare inspection and Reserve Winner Performance Award Breeding Division 2005
middle: Winning family of Aranja by E St. Michelangelo in the Landesschau Rheinland in 2004
right: a yearling filly by EH. Michelangelo born in 2005

It is interesting to compare: Above EH Michelangelo as young stallion - below in July 2006


Gala show at Neumünster 2006: EH. Michelangelo was celebrated as Trakehner Stallion of the Year.

Michelangelo's hereditary career has already been crowned by many heights. Many of his sons were celebrated in the approval arenas in Germany as well as in the Netherlands and Denmark.

In his first breeding year, Kennedy, champion stallion in Neumünster, and Guy Laroche were approved. Michelangelo's son Michelino, bred in the Netherlands, had already been nominated elite stallion in Denmark due to the success of his offspring in the sport. Back in Germany two of his sons were approved in 1998: reserve winner Hirtenruf and Kensington, a full brother to Kennedy. The winning stallion 1998 Monteverdi descended from Michelangelo's dam Miami. In the same year he supplied the Trakehner winner mare in the Netherlands. His daughter Schneeflocke reached the highest price at auction that a mare ever reached in Neumünster. Moreover Michelangelo is father to the mother of the country-wide-winning mare Lantana. Michelangelo again supplied two approved sons: Hölderlin in Hungary in 1999 and premium stallion Summertime in 2000. In 2001 the Oldenburg premium stallion Mon Dieux by Michelangelo was approved.

More than 13 approved sons make Michelangelo world-wide one of the most sought after Trakehner hereditors.

His pedigree stands for excellent, solid and prepotent traits. His sire, the thoroughbred Pasteur xx, produced a number of outstanding dressage horses and furthermore he is the sire of the century stallion Mahagoni.

Michelangelo's dam is the highly decorated premium, state premium and elite mare Miami by Matador.

Michelangelo himself shows dominance and extravagance in every aspect. Trained and placed into the highest class this halfbreed is a first class improver stallion. In the trakehner breeding lineage he is at the top. Sporting behaviour as well as nobility paired with dominant hereditary traits including type, optimal build as well as the best of gaits make his descendants most promising.

EH. Michelangelo deceased June 3rd, 2008, but he is still available at Webelsgrund via deep frozen sperm. Request for tax and conditions.

            EH. Michelangelo in 2006

Gräfin Dohna,
Beate Langels,
Christiane Slawik,
H. Gaenserig
Elite Stallion Michelangelo
St.Pr.St., Pr.St.
ESt. Miami
by Matador
25 years old
ES. Miami by Matador
EH. Michelangelo as young stallion EH. Michelangelo in July, 2006

Approved for Trakehner
and all warmblood breeds
in Germany and The Netherlands

Available via deep frozen sperm

Semenorder & conditions
phone 05041/2436 oder
Telefax 05041/4467


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Just Mickey Just Mickey Foal by Michelangelo

Among Michelangelo's talented children Just Mickey is on start for Sweden. As a member for the swedish national team, Just Mickey by EH.Michelangelo under his permanent rider Tinne Vilhelmson was sixth in the olympics in Athens - furthermore he won the bronze team medal during the European Dressage masterships 2005 in Hagen.

Filly by EH. Michelangelo
and PS.SPS. Amelie born June 24, 2004 - Halfsister of Anemone
the reserve winning mare ZSE Webelsgrund 2004

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