Lord Luciano      

Lord Luciano


admitted for Rhineland and Westphalia

Born May 24th, 2002
Height 164 cm

Approved 4/2006
at Mönchengladbach-Wickrath

30-Day-Test Schlieckau 2006
Total index 8,31
Dressage index: 8,33
Jumping index: 8,05

at Schlieckau 2007

Breeder & owner: Debra Tyler
Tylord Farm - Benson, USA

Last son
Enrico Caruso !

 Lord Luciano 
Enrico Caruso
Pasteur XX
PS.ES.Maharani II
Lily Of The Valley

Lord Luciano

Lord Luciano at the approval on April 23, 2006 - Images © A. Gräfin Dohna - Peter Richterich

Lord Luciano

Lord Luciano at the 9th Trakehner Stallion Show - February 10th, 2007 - Picture © Jutta Bauernschmitt

Lord Luciano, born and grown up at the Tylord Farm in Benson, Vermont / USA, showed his extraordinarily pleasing personality during his first presentation in Germany. Everybody liked him. His approval was at the Trakehner Spring Meeting at Wickrath in April 2006. He is the last son of Enrico Caruso, eminently respectable sporting horses producer in the German and international Trakehner breed. Lord Luciano demonstrated his sovereignty, his concentration, his strong nerves and performance in Wickrath. The noble grandson of Mahagoni leaves nothing to be desired concerning the quality of his excellent basic gaits and his talent in jumping.

His father, the elite stallion Enrico Caruso, is well-known in the USA and in Germany with his sporting and breeding results. He is the father of more than 30 very successful sporting horses. Some of them were internationally successful.

His mother descended from the champion stallion of 1972, Unkenruf by Donauwind. George Williams was successful with Unkenruf in the US dressage sports up to Grand Prix. His motherline is one of the most important mare families of the North American Trakehner breed. His matriarch Lonka by Heros, half-sister of the olympian dressage horse Ultimo, is one of the first mares in USA writing history of the American Trakehner breed. The approved stallion Laiken, successful in dressage class S, The Premium mare Litchen by Tannenberg and the Grand-Prix-horses Larushelle ans Lord Lakota belong to the blood relationship of Lord Luciano.

Lord Luciano
Lord Luciano jumping

Lord Luciano performed an excellent 30-Day-Test in spring 2006 at Schlieckau. The dressage score was 8.33, the jumping score was 8.05, the total score was 8.31. At the Stallion Performance Test at Schlieckau 2007 he confirmed his good performance.

His first offspring shows highest quality. Two top-foals have been sold at highest prices at the auction at Hannover and Neumünster. Descended from a mare by EH. Herzzauber, Lord Luciano showed the winner foal at the Webelsgrund foal show in 2007.

He was successful with results of 7.8 and 8.0 in his first riding horse tests. In 2008, he was successful and won in dressage competitions class L.

Lord Luciano leaved Webelsgrund stud autumn at the end of the breeding season 2010.

Lord Luciano

Approved for Trakehner

Admitted for NRW

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