Premium Stallion


Born May 10th, 2007
Dark brown
Height 170 cm

Grading October 24th, 2009
in Neumünster - Premium Stallion

30-Day-Test Marbach Aug.2010
Total Grade 8,04
Dressage 8,34
Jumping 7,40

70-Day-Test Marbach 2011
Total Grade 8,08
Dressage 8,56
Jumping 7,43

Breeder & owner:
Harald and Burgi Erdsiek
Webelsgrund Stud, Springe

of gaits
in the tradition

EH. Connery
EH. Buddenbrock
Caro-Dame II
Balfour xx
Pasteur xx
Heublume II
EH. Tenor
ES. Heublume


Heuberger and Iris Werner - picture © Gänserig

Heuberger born 2007 - Presentation at the Trakehner stallion show in Münster-Handorf, 2013

Download as mp4 (better quality with sound)

Heuberger     Heuberger


Heuberger with his regular rider Iris Werner at the Trakehner Hengstschau Münster-Handorf February 2013



Heuberger 2012

Heuberger and Maxi v. Platen win the basic competition at Webelsgrund stud June 4th, 2011.







Pictures © Christina Drüke


Premium stallion Heuberger December 24th, 2010

Heuberger born 2007 - in the training with the 15-year-old Maxi von Platen in May 2011

Steffi and Heuberger at the daily work!

Heuberger performed his 70-day-test excellently in 2011:
  Dressage index: 8,56
  Jumping index: 7,43
  Cross country: 7,4

  Total Grade: 8,08

He got 9 (very good) for Character, temperament, rideability and pace.

Here we show some pictures how he absolved the cross-country test:

Heuberger   Heuberger


Video of Heuberger as a mpg-file in better quality


The stallion Heuberger by Imperio and Heublümchen by EH. Michelangelo - EH. Tenor was approved as a premium stallion in Neumünster at the International Trakehner Stallion Show 2009.

Heuberger enthused us because of his unswearving interior and his three exceptional gaits. He shows particularly a great trot, he moves swinging and in tact and balance. His pace is lengthy.

Heuberger shows ultimate perfection in the modelling of his athletic body, especially concerning the formation of shoulder and back. The breed director of the Trakehner Verband praised the way of his movement and his construction.

With his genes, he is a holder of the Webelsgrund blood of the Hymne, who was one of the first mares of Webelsgrund stud. Her wide spreaded bloodline - T14N1 Hymne Gestüt Webelsgrund - has an important influence on the Trakehner breed.

The great-grandmother of Heuberger, the famous Heublube by Kurfürst had been the mother of the Champion of his grading Holunder, the Winner of the silver medal at the World Championchip in dressage, Heuriger, Husar and Hornist, 4 approved stallions in her offspring. Her daughter Heublume II by EH.Tenor was the mother of Humanus, a jumper, who had been successful to class S.
Heuberger's dam Heublümchen absolved a first class mare performance test with high validation of her rideability. Actually her sister Heublüte by Pricolino, Reserve Winner of the Trakehner mare show of the region Niedersachsen, got an excellent result in the mare performance test in competition with Hannoverian mares.

Heubergers Sire, the federal German champion Imperio, had been placed second in the world championchip and is an extraordinary representative of his race.
The young premium stallion of Webelsgrund shows the thoroughbred stallions Balfour xx und Pasteur xx in his pedigree - this is visible in his appearence.

In his mare-line, he shows the elite stallions Michelangelo and Tenor - Webelsgrund breed, actuel and with sporty future.

He is very interesting for our mare-owners to breed with him. Please see for yourself the quality of this premium stallion at our stallion show in spring.

The stallion, breeded by Burgi and Harald Erdsiek, will be stationed in Webelsgrund Stud!


Heuberger at the grading in Neumünster October 22nd, 2009

Comment of the breed director of the Trakehner Verband Lars Gehrmann: „Premium Stallion Heuberger - a throroughbred type! The sire of his dam Michelangelo is clearly recognizable!
This stallion shows his fantastic action combined with an excellent self-expression and great conformation of his hind leg.
Heuberger cooperated grandiously right from the start! Great lineage - this stallion descends from Webelsgrund's mare family of the Heublume! He has the golden ratio in the construction of his body - musculous and distinctive! Premium mare Heublüte had been the 2nd reserve winner of the stud show Niedersachsen in 2009.”

Heuberger absolved an excellent 30-day-test at Marbach August 2nd to 31st, 2010. He achieved the total grade 8,04 with partial grades 8,34 for dressage and 7,40 for jumping. His outstanding pace was honoured by the best grade of 10.0. His character was graded with 9.0 in each of the four criteria.


Graded for Trakehner
        Heuberger's first foal

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