Axis and Lord Luciano at the Trakehner stallion show in Münster-Handorf


Axis with Terhi Stegars

Trakehner stallion show Münster-Handorf February 7th, 2009

Webelsgrund stud presented two stallions at the show in 2009.

A highlight of the show had been the presentation of Axis by Sixtus (owner: Sian Prosser - Reade/UK), ridden by Terhi Stegars in ideal way. The black noble-horse celebrated his freestyle-event with his long-standing trainer at the highest stage with a lot of expressiveness and esthetics. She was internationally successful with Axis in 2008. The pair got thundering applause and standing ovations by the public.

Our very popular stallion Lord Luciano by Enrico Caruso (owner: Debra Tyler/USA) showed himself very balanced with best traits. Terhi is working with him since a few months. He demonstrated, that he will be qualified for higher classes in the future.

Lord Luciano

Lord Luciano with Terhi Stegars