The weather was fine, as we performed a large dressage-competition at Webelsgrund Stud July 1st to 2nd. The basic competitions to class L were performed at Saturday. High class dressage could be seen in the higher classes on Sunday. Leonie Bramall on Showtime by Polarpunkt - Tenor dominated these competitions. They won the dressage class M and S and achieved the 2nd place in the final St. Georges. The winner of the final competition was Yvonne Tilke with the Württemberger Marceau. --- You find all results as .pdf-file (293 KB) here.

Michelangelo   Michelangelo

EH.Michelangelo welcomes the arriving visitors and surveys the proceeding of the event.

bow for the winner
Our Visitors.


Left: Award ceremony for Oliver Twist by Monteverdi and his rider
Melanie Sandig - 2nd place in the dressage class A and 4th Platz place in the dressage class L
with the juror Gisela Gunia and with Harald Erdsiek.

Right: Gloria, breeder and owner the Heinen family, achieved the first place with Melanie Sandig.

Award ceremony dressage competition class A: Kasimir, stallion by Ivernel, winner of the competition-class, too.

Marceau and Showtime

Award ceremony dressage competition class S Prix St. Georges
Winner Yvonne Tilke with Marceau -- Reserve Winner Leonie Bramall with Showtime, Stallion by Polarpunkt - Tenor
with juror Ute Herold and Mr. Stabenow (Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe).

Showtime   Showtime

Award ceremony and lap of honour dressage competition class S
First place Leonie Bramall with Showtime - juror Dieter Paul.


Many visitors came to Webelsgrund Stud.



Images © Volker Dusche, Astrid Uebersohn, Ekkehard Rönnefarth