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Gestüt Webelsgrund
Erdsiek KG

Webelsgrund 1

31832 Springe (near Hannover)

Office: +49 5041 2436 Fax: +49 5041 4467

Stud Administration :

Dipl.Kfm. Beate Horst

MBA, Horse Breeding Master, Inseminator

Mobil: +49 172 5122941

E-mail: info@webelsgrund.com

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  • World-wide distribution of frozen semen of our top-sires
  • Insemination and collection facilities
    with distribution of fresh semen

  • Rearing of young colts and training
    for approval with presentation
  • Rearing of fillies and preparation of young mares
    for registration and performance test

Training & Sale
  • Training & sale of young stock

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Our Services

Boarding and training all in one

Our main service is the rearing facility of colts. The experience and conditions at Webelsgrund are excellent!

The farm has a large indoor arena and two outdoor rings. This enables us to prepare your colt for the approval or your mare for the central registration or the mare performance test. We also train and show riding horses of all ages, but we are specialized in young stock.

This service is very interesting for breeders, who themselves have no ability for rearing and training of their rising generations.

We have annual sales events (sales weeks) at Webelsgrund and welcome everybody!