Premium Stallion


admitted for Rhineland and Westphalia

born 1999
Height 170 cm


Approval at Neumünster in 2001

Stallion performance test in 2003
at Landgestüt Sachsen-Anhalt:
70-Day-Test (9. of 29)
Index Dressage: 111 Pkt.
Rideability: 8 and 8,5

Owner: Gestüt Webelsgrund
Breeder: Julia Westphal, Berlin

with the best
of performance genes !

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EH. Arogno
Polarreise II
Osterglanz XX
PS. Cornau

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Checkpoint by Polarpunkt is talented in dressage and in jumping.


Checkpoints hereditary carreer started at the Trakehner Stallion Market in 2001. The black prime stallion from Polarpunkt not only offers valuable breeding qualities but also sports characteristics.

4-years-old he absolved his 70-day-test at Prussendorf, he won the 9th place of 29 participants due to the high validation of his rideability.

The inheritance of the founding stallions Arogno, Flaneur and Habicht have reached him through his father's lineage. The founding stallions were true sports horse makers, unforgotten their internationally successful sons Partout and Windfall. Checkpoint is versatile, talented and shows great transmission in his movements. He is also a strong jumper. He jumps highest jumps without effort and with a good technique in excellent manner. He will transfer these attributes to his siblings.

His mother Corna was the Federal Championess of German Riding Horses and later successful in dressage sports up to Grand Prix, long before quality testing of mother mares for future stallions in the mare performance test was created as a standard.

The Trakehner Stallion Schwalbenglanz by Checkpoint and Schwarze Schwalbe II by EH. Arogno has been approved in Neumünster October 25th, 2008. He had been the reseve winner of the Trakehner foal show at Webelsgrund in 2006.

Checkpoint's siblings are a class in themselves: They are true types on a good and sound basis and show many of their father's traits. Their movements are energetic particularly in the up-hill trot and they have an impressive expansive walk.

Checkpoint enhances reliably height and frame in his foals.

Approved for Trakehner

admitted for Rhineland and Westphalia

Matingtax 600 €

Semenorder & conditions
phone +49 5041 2436
Fax: +49 5041 4467

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Checkpoint by Polarpunkt

Premium Stallion Checkpoint by Polarpunkt and Corna v. Illuster        

Images: © Helmut Gaenserig        


Schwalbenglanz by Checkpoint and Schwarze Schwalbe II

Corna von Illuster

Corna by Illuster

Image Corna: © Profoto Teamig

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