Thoroughbred Sire
Betel XX

Betel XX
Born February 28th, 1990

Height 165 cm
Cannon-bone 21 cm

Approved 2002 (Holsteiner Verband)
2004 Hannover

Admitted for Trakehner
Brandenburg, Mecklenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt

Stallion performance test via sport results

Owner: Katarina Michlikowa

Breeder: Zrebnice Motesice, Slovakia

The jumping specialist
at Webelsgrund stud !

 Betel XX 
Revlon Boy XX
Blauer Reiter XX
Birkhahn XX
Bramouse XX
Raffaela XX
Neckar XX
Rah XX
Braca XX
Caspal XX
Palato XX
Castuska XX
Brindisi XX
Sole Mio XX
Bright Idea XX


Betel XX by Revlon Boy XX: Distinctive noblenesse of the thoroghbred.

Betel XX

Betel XX       Betel XX

Betel XX under Katarina Michlikowa at the 9th Trakehner Stallion Show on February 10th, 2007

The thoroughbred stallion Betel xx is exceptional concerning his abilities in jumping compared to other thoroughbred stallions offered as sires in Germany. He is a stallion with audacity and sporty spirit. Because of his springiness and his skillfulness he succeeds in very difficult jumping situations.

Betel xx has right from the start been deployed in jumping under his owner Katarina Michlikowa and was successful in jumping-competitions up to the heavy classes. For instance, together they won the national Slovakian championchip for women.

Because of his exceptional results, the breeding organisation of the Holsteiner horse acknowledged the stallion, he was used in the Holsteiner breed after his approval in 2002 to 2004. In Holstein, he got high estimation, his foals were highly appreciated. At the approval, he received a score of 9.0 in free-jumping. Holstein's breeding director Dr. Nissen wrote about him in 2003: "The jumping ability of the just approved thoroughbred stallion Betel xx by Revlon Boy xx, shown under his owner Katarina Michlikowa in the jumping course, is obvious: His grandfather Blauer Reiter xx brought some very good steeple-chase horses to the thoroughbred breed." Sören von Rönne said about the thoroughbred: "They bring the durability and the intelligence we need for our sport."

Approved for Hannover in 2004, Betel xx joined the list of stallions of the jumping program of the Hannoveraner breed in 2007.

Betel XX

Betel XX by Revlon Boy XX        

Betel XX

Betel XX: great jumping ability        

Betel XX
Betel XX
Admitted for Trakehner
Holsteiner, Hannoveraner,
Brandenburg, Mecklenburg
and Sachsen-Anhalt

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Betel XX

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