admitted for Hannover, Oldenburg
Rhineland and Westphalia

Born May 12th, 1999
Height 171 cm

Graded 2001 at Neumünster

Stallion Performance Test 2002
70-Day-Test at Neustadt/Dosse:

Total Index 122.95 Pts.
(5th of 42) LK I
Partial Index Dressage: 126.98 Pts.
(4th of 42)
Partial Index Jumping 110.17 Pts.
(15. of 42)

Owner: Sian Prosser-Reade, Great Britain
Breeder: Ewald Hartmann, Lahnau


Son of EH.Sixtus
of particular
importance !

Burnus AAH
Arabeske V
Apfelblüte II

Axis   Axis

The black stallion Axis, in Trakehner type and habit characterized by his father EH.Sixtus, begins to become the most important representative of the father-line of his sire. He presents himself in a large frame and a very sportive habit. Generously appointed and elegant in the formation of his neck, in a comfortable rectangular frame and with an impressive side view, he showcases his particular importance as sire.

He was the best jumper of his approval in 2001 and absolved an impressive stallion performance test: 122,95 Points in performance class I.

His father EH. Sixtus revitalized the stallion line of Habicht, who had been a hereditor of performance - he himself had been highly successful in Cross-Country.
Grandfather EH.Angard had been successful in dressage up to German class S, he's appreciated due to his inheritance of rideability.

Axis advanced in his carreer in dressage: He won and got placings in German class S in 2007 and was successfull in Grand-Prix and on the Inermediaire I - level in 2008.

Axis is the sire of Hirtentanz and Ballzauber. Hirtentanz was premium stallion and best jumper at his grading and is now a notable hereditor of sportive horses. Ballzauber impressed the public with high class ridebility and three top-quality gaits.

Axis generates from the Webelsgrund stud line of the Arcona, this mother-line brought the sires Amaranth, Auftakt and Arthus.

Hirtentanz   Hirtentanz

Axis-Son Hirtentanz: Left at the grading -- right at the Trakehner Bundesturnier 2007

Axis at Hohenschmark stud

Approved for Trakehners, admitted for Hanover, Oldenburg, Rhineland and Westphalia

Axis had been available at Webelsgrund Stud in 2009.

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