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This is where you can find all former events and former stallions at Webelsgrund.

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January 20, 2011: EH.Polarion leaved Webelsgrund
The Trakehner elite stallion Polarion, who had been at Webelsgrund stud to 2010, is no more available for the breed in 2011. He's moved to another place.

Informations about him remain available in our archives, more...

November 07, 2010: Payano and Lord Luciano
Payano   The stallions Payano and Lord Luciano are no more available for our breeders at Webelsgrund stud. Their pages remain in our archives.

  Lord Luciano
Aug. 10th, 2010: The Foal Champion origins from Webelsgrund stud.
        The son of Lord Luciano and the premium mare Anemone by Sabary presented himself very confident at the Webelsgrund foal championchip June 6th, 2010 - and he was proclaimed as the unchallenged champion., more...        
Aug. 10th, 2010: Central Broodmare registration June 5th, 2010
        The Trakehner central broodmare registration took place the 7th time at Webelsgrund stud on Saturday, June 5th, 2010.

We show our premium quality mare and the atmosphere in some few pictures, mehr...
10. 8. 2010: First daughters of Lord Luciano registered with premium quality
        Two daughters of Lord Luciano had been awarded with premium quality. Hirtenmaid was selected for the premium ring at the central broodmare registration at Tasdorf/Schleswig-Holstein on May 1st. Breeder is Veronika von Schöning.
At the Central Broodmare Registration Rhineland, Wiesenhof stud in Krefeld presented Dolce Luciana on the 3rd place of the 3-year-old mares on May 19th. She was validated with 57 points. She was bought at the Trakehner foal auction in Hannover, breeder of this mare is Veronika von Schöning, too.
10. 8. 2010: Lord Luciano starts in S-class
Lord Luciano with Terhi Stegars won several times in dressage class M. Now they started in S. Even at the 2nd start in Prix St. Georges the pair won the 9th place in Uetzen with 65,4% on June, 6th, 2010.
March 28th, 2010: Lord Luciano wins at the Professional Riders Championship in Hamburg

We had been at the Northern German Professional Riders Championchip in Hamburg during the weekend March 26th to March 28th, 2010.

Lord Luciano won two dressage competitions in M/A (M**):

In the first general competition (27 participants) he won with 65,25%. In the final competition (the 12 best horses started) we won by far - with 69,05%.

Terhi Stegars

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

January 30, 2010: Axis and Elfenstein
Axis   The stallions Axis and Elfenstein are no more available for our breeders at Webelsgrund stud. Their pages remain in our archives.

December 6th, 2009: Heublüte absolved mare performance test
Heubluete     Heublüte by Pricolino and Heublume II by EH. Tenor - Kurfürst, born April 23rd, 2006, absolved successfully the mare performance test at Verden November 24th, 2009.

3 of 62 starters had been Trakehner mares, they all came from Webelsgrund stud. Heublüte ranked herself under the best mares of this competition, more...
November 17, 2009: Oliver Twist leaved Webelsgrund
Oliver Twist  
The Trakehner stallion Oliver Twist, who had been at Webelsgrund stud to 2009, is no more available for the breed in 2010. He's moved to another place in the Rhineland.

Informations about him remain available in our archives, more...

November 7th, 2009: Heuberger is Premium Stallion
Heuberger     Great success at the International Trakehner Stallion Show 2009: The stallion Heuberger by Imperio and Heublümchen by EH.Michelangelo - EH.Tenor was graded as a premium stallion!

Heuberger enthused us because of his unswearving interior and his three exceptional gaits. He shows particularly a great trot, he moves swinging and in tact and balance. His pace is lengthy. The breed director praised the way of his movement and his construction.

He is very interesting for our mare-owners to breed with him. Please see for yourself the quality of this premium stallion at our stallion show in spring. The stallion, breeded by Burgi and Harald Erdsiek, will be stationed in Webelsgrund Stud!
September 18th, 2009: Lord Luciano's foals are very successful
Zauberlord     Lord Luciano's foals show best Trakehner type, importance and high quality motions. They had several excellent results in 2009: In England at the Annual Trakehner Breeders Fraternity show Keatinge Savannah by Lord Luciano out of Schwalbenfreude by Sir Shostakovich xx won the Foal Championship, Supreme Championship (winner of the show) and Best British Bred. Congratulations to Keatinge stud!

The best foals of the region had been qualified for and came together at the Trakehner Foal Championchip of the Rhineland. The winner of the colts was Zauberlord by Lord Luciano out of Zauberlied by Friedensfürst. Congratulatiuons to the breeder Simone Bell. We wish much success for the foal auction in Neumünster, where Zauberlord will be offered. -- Erhard Schulte
Zauberlord - Click on the image to enlarge.    Picture © Lune Jancke
August 29th, 2009: Foal branding at Webelsgrund stud June 7th, 2009
       The Trakehner Foal Branding at Webelsgrund Stud was performed June 7th, 2009.
Many foals of best quality have been presented, mostly offspring of our stalions, more...

Pictures © Jutta Bauernschmitt

August 16, 2009: Axis at the Finnish Championchip
Axis with Terhi Stegars won a grandiouse 2nd rank in dressage Grand Prix at the Finnish championchip on Sunday, August 16th, 2009.


August 6, 2009: Dressage Competitions at Webelsgrund stud June 13th and June 14th, 2009
about the dressage competitions  
We performed again a large dressage competition up to class S at Webelsgrund stud
June 13th to June 14th, 2009.

Report dressage class S
Report dressage class M & L
All results as .pdf file (32,0 KB)

August 6, 2009: Central broodmare registration at Webelsgrund stud June 6th, 2009
Picture: Jutta Bauernschmitt         For the 6th time, the Central Broodmare Registration was performed at Webelsgrund stud.

Some images by Jutta Bauernschmitt show the atmosphere of the place, the best mares and the newly registered mares of our stud, more...

May 11th. 2008: Lord Luciano won with Terhi Stegars!!

The large horse-show at Hildesheim-Steuerwald ( Dressage and Jumping to class S) had been the framework for Terhi Stegars of the Reiterverein Gestüt Webelsgrund.

The start of the season 2009 succeeded outstandingly with a win of Lord Luciano by Enrico Caruso, dam by Unkensee. He won his first dressage competition class M* with Terhi Stegars having a large lead over the horse on the 2nd place.

Terhi Stegars won another dressage competition class M** with Axis by Sixtus, dam by Angard with 842 Pts. (70%).

Axis and Terhi Stegars had been brilliant at class S, showing enormous rideability and suppleness while they won the 2nd place.

Our Michelangelo-son Mendelssohn won a placement in class St.Georges with Claudia Pannenbecker at the horse show in Wesel on the same weekend.

March 1st, 2009: Stallion-show at Webelsgrund stud
Checkpoint   March 1st we performed the stallion-show at Webelsgrund stud.

"A completely successful event!" - that was the reaction of the public and the résumé of Burgi and Harald Erdsiek and of the stud master Christine Sperling. Breed and sport belong together at Webelsgrund stud, more...

  Lord Luciano
February 25, 2009: Trakehner stallion show at Münster-Handorf
Terhi Stegars presented our stallions Axis and Lord Luciano in an excellent form at the Trakehner stallion show in Münster-Handorf February 7th, 2009,


  Lord Luciano
December 31, 2008: United Kingdom leaved Webelsgrund
United Kingdom  
The Trakehner stallion United Kingdom, who had been at Webelsgrund stud to 2008, is no more available for the breed in 2009. He performed the 60-day-test in Schlieckau 2008 and is deployed in England in the cross-country training.

Informations about him remain in our archives, more...

November 16, 2008: Son of Le Duc successful in Dressage Class S
Un Cuorino Reale  
We are glad, if our clients are contented and successful: Manuela and Helmut Mayer from Austria report about

Un Cuorino Reale by Le Duc and Uruguay by EH.Bartholdy, born April 21st, 1997

He was ridden and trained by Manuela Mayer-Berndonner and qualified in dressage to class S. Her trainer is Johann Riegler, senior rider of the famous ""Hofreitschule" at Vienna. Un Cuorino Reale has a good command of piaffe and changements. He achieved wins and placements in any classes. He started first time in dressage class S getting a 2nd place at once in May, 2008.

  Un Cuorino Reale
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October 31, 2008: Schwalbenglanz by Checkpoint graded in Neumünster!

The Trakehner Stallion Schwalbenglanz by Checkpoint and Schwarze Schwalbe II by EH. Arogno has been approved in Neumünster October 25th, 2008. He presented himself better every day.

Congratulations to the breeder Bernd Schubert und to the new owner Gestüt Hohenschmark!

October 1, 2008: New stallions at Webelsgrund stud
Axis      The following stallions come to Webelsgrund stud in 2009:

Couracius (Sixtus - Caprimond, owner Gestüt Hörstein)
Axis (Sixtus - Angard, owner Sian Prosser-Reade GB)
Elfenstein (Hohenstein - Waldvogt, owner Sian Prosser-Reade GB)
Payano (Herzruf - Arogno, owner Egina AB/FIN und Terhi Stegars)
Duendecillo P (Don Romantic - Midt-West, owner Anne Niemi/FIN).

Axis -- Click on the image or here to enlarge.
September 26, 2008: Terhi Stegars at Webelsgrund stud -- Axis reinforces our stallion offer
Terhi Stegars  
The well-known dressage rider Terhi Stegars will ride at Webelsgrund stud from November 1st, 2008 on.

Terhi Stegars is member of the national squad of Finland and will practise her stable autonomously at Webelsgrund.

The Trakehner stallion Axis ( Owner Sian Prosser-Reade GB ) by E.H. Sixtus will come to Webelsgrund in 2009.

  Terhi Stegars
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July 11, 2008: Dressage Competitions at Webelsgrund Stud June 14th and 15th
We performed again a large dressage competition up to class S at Webelsgrund stud       
June 14th to June 15th, 2008.


All Results (.pdf 96,3 KB)

  About the dressage competitions
July 7, 2008: Foal branding at Webelsgrund Stud June 14th, 2008

We performed the Trakehner foal branding one day before the Central Broodmare Registration on June 12th, 2008.

We present the winner and some foals showing high quality, more...

June 18, 2008: Filly by EH. Polarion
Jutta Bauernschmitt (www.tierfoto.org) in Gößweinstein/Bavaria is the breeder of this young mare by E.H. Polarion TSF and Pr. St. Kaperied by Pascal - Arogno - Schwalbenfreund.

    Filly by EH. Polarion     Kukehnen
Click on an image to enlarge.
June 3, 2008: Elite Stallion Michelangelo deceased
EH. Michelangelo    

We regret to inform you about
the death of Michelangelo.

    EH. Michelangelo
June 1, 2008: In Petto withdrawn
In Petto  
The Trakehner stallion In Petto, who had been at Webelsgrund stud in 2007, is no more avalilable for breeding. He's only deployed in dressage.

Informations about him remain in our archives, more...

November 29, 2007: Two sons of Oliver Twist graded at Neumünster
Grand Passion    

Sires of successful horses
at Webelsgrund stud

Champion Grand Passion by Oliver Twist, dam by EH.Polarion and Scivias, a second son of Oliver Twist, were approved at the 45th Trakehner Hengstmarkt 2007, more...

    Oliver Twist     EH. Polarion
September 17, 2007: Dibelius is Young Event Horse Champion

The Michelangelo-Son Dibelius, purchased from Webelsgrund Stud by Darren Chiacchia at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt in 2005, won the Young Event Horse Championchip of the 4-year-old horses, more...

July 24, 2007: Lord Luciano at the Trakehner Bundesturnier
Lord Luciano        

The Stallion Lord Luciano attended successfully Trakehner Bundesturnier 2007, he won a 2nd place and further a 4th place and a 7th place, more...

July 6, 2007: Dressage Competitions at Gestüt Webelsgrund June 30th and July 1st
about the dressage competitions  
We performed again a large dressage competition up to class S at Webelsgrund stud
June 30th to July 1st, 2007.

Results as .pdf file (36 KB) -- Report 2006

June 25, 2007: Central broodmare registration at Webelsgrund stud June 17th, 2007

For the 4th time, the Central Broodmare Registration was performed at Webelsgrund. Some images show the atmosphere of the place and some of the most beautiful mares, more...

June 25, 2007: Foal Branding at Gestüt Webelsgrund June 16th, 2007
    We performed the Trakehner foal branding at the stud on June 11th, one day before the central broodmare registration.

The winner was a colt by Oliver Twist, we present him and some foals of the stud with much quality, more...

11. 6. 2007: Foal by Oliver Twist
Foal by Oliver Twist    

This young colt by Oliver Twist and Devita by Peron shows best Trakehner type and excellent traits. Breeder and owner is Webelsgrund stud.

Click on an image to enlarge.

    Fohlen v. Oliver Twist
11. 6. 2007: Foal by Betel xx
Foal by Betel xx    
The young colt by Betel xx and Ronda by Ramiro's is very impressive. This is the second formidable foal by Betel xx from
the breed of the Sentker family at Großenwörden. Both foals are for sale, phone +49 4775 740.

    Fohlen v. Betel xx     Fohlen v. Betel xx
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4. 6. 2007: Visit from Russia
Visit from Russia                

Trakehner breeders from Russia accompanied by Mrs. Inessa Porturaeva, vice president of the Trakehner Association in Russia, visited Webelsgrund stud for orientation about our breeding goals and our stallions, more...

28. 5. 2007: Foal by Checkpoint and United Kingdom
Foal by Checkpoint    

Mr. and Mrs. Burchard at Adelheidsdorf (phone +49 5085 429) enjoy their good young colts (for sale):

by Checkpoint and Elegance by Nandino xx - Hessenstein (at left)
and by United Kingdom and Taukenischken by Pamour ox - Friedensfürst (at right)

    Foal by United Kingdom     Foal by United Kingdom
Click on an image to enlarge.
28. 5. 2007: Foal by EH. Michelangelo
Foal by Michelangelo    

Breeder of thic exciting young mare is Helmut Pape at Hildesheim. The filly decends from Michelangelo and Grand Nicola by Narew xx - Grannuelle by Grannus - Grande. Mr. Pape expects another foal by Michelangelo and Grand Nicola in 2008.
This filly is shown at Webelsgrund stud on the occasion of the foal-branding of the Oldenburger breeding organisation at July 25th.

    Foal by Michelangelo     Foal by Michelangelo
Click on an image to enlarge.
28. 5. 2007: Foal by Betel xx
Foal by Betel xx    
This is a young colt by Betel xx coming fron the old-established stable of the Sentker famuily at Großenwörden (phone +49 4775 740). The dam is SPS. Agathe by Aalborg and Golda by Goldfinger - Frustra II. This promizing colt is for sale.

    Foal by Betel xx     Foal by Betel xx
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May 14, 2007: Filly by Lord Luciano
Fohlen v. Lord Luciano    

Again a foal by Lord Luciano was born in Bavaria on May 4th, 2007. A very important little mare of high quality by Lord Luciano and Halima by EH.Ravel - Thor. The filly shows exceptiomal traits.

Click on an image to enlarge.

    Fohlen v. Lord Luciano
May 6, 2007: Filly by Lord Luciano

Erhard Schulte reports about one of the first foals by Lord Luciano. The young mare was born April 20th, 2007. Her dam is Unesca by Sixtus. Unesca steht in the stable of Andrea von Zitzewitz. Debra Tyler is breeder and owner of the foal.

Click on the image to enlarge.

    Filly by  Lord Luciano
May 4, 2007: Filly by Checkpoint
Filly by Checkpoint  

At Webelsgrund stud another filly by Checkpoint and Amelie by Tenor was born.

Click on an image to enlarge.

  Filly by Checkpoint   Filly by Checkpoint
April 6, 2007: Filly by Checkpoint
Foal by Checkpoint    

An outstanding filly by Checkpoint was born at Webelsgrund stud on March 30th, 2007.
The dam of this little mare showing best Trakehner type is Donaulove by Hand in Glove xx - Anduc.

Click on an image to enlarge.

    Foal by Checkpoint
March 21, 2007: Stallion Show March 4th, 2007

Many spectators came to Webelsgrund to see our stallions, who showed themselves in perfect condition.

Erhard Schulte was present and commented competently about our stallions, more...

            Stallion Show 2007
December 29, 2006: Four new stallions at Webelsgrund stud in 2007
Lord Luciano      
New: 4 stallions come to Webelsgrund stud in 2007:

Lord Luciano
by Enrico Caruso and Lily Of The Valley by Unkenruf and Litchen by Tannenberg

In Petto
by Buddenbrock and Insterfee by Kennedy and Indica by Onassis

by EH. Van Deyk and Polaried by Insterruf and Pommern by Habicht

Betel XX
von Revlon Boy XX aus der Graca XX von Caspal XX

December 30, 2006: Hand in Glove XX withdrawn
Hand in Glove XX  
The french thoroughbred Hand in Glove XX is offered no more fo insemination, because his deep frozen sperm is exhausted, the informations about the stallion stay in our archives,

December 19, 2006: Le Duc deceased

We regret to inform you about the sudden death of Le Duc, Trakehner stallion by EH. Anduc and Liga by Pregel, sold to England. He died 16-years-old because of a volvulus in December 2006.

Actually, deep frozen sperm can still be obtained from Webelsgrund stud.

            Le Duc
October 28, 2006: Michelangelo Trakehner Stallion of the year 2006
      Elite Stallion Michelangelo

by Pasteur xx and ES. PS. SPS. Miami by Matador

Trakehner Stallion of the year 2006

Michelangelo, one of the best active Trakehner hereditors in the breeding value estimation (mares) since 2000, was proclaimed as "Trakehner Stallion of the Year" in front of more than 3500 visitors. For every year since 1995, this title has been awarded to a significant sire which combines the ability to perform at an exceptional level and to produce performance offspring.
So, EH. Michelangelo was honored as one of the most significant stallions alive in 2006. His pedigree stands for best Trakehner type, excellent, solid and prepotent traits. 14 approved sons continue his stallion line in Germany and internationally.
Michelangelo, successful in dressage to German class S, gives his ability in dressage, jumping and cross-country to his offspring, who has excellent rideability. -- Click on the image or here to enlarge.

September 20, 2006: Le Duc
Le Duc      
Le Duc, sold to Great Britain, had been successful again. We like very much, that he is ridden to Prix St. Georges and that he looks so very well.

Margaret Allen reports: "Ben competed at the Nationals this weekend and came 11th in the PSG and 12th in the Advanced Medium. We thought that he did very well as it was his first National Competition and there were 36 in each class. He is disappointed with his result especially as he rode beautifully on Le Duc."

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

August 3, 2006: Success at the Trakehner Bundesturnier

Melanie Sandig won at the International Trakehner Bundesturnier July 21st to 23rd, 2006:

  • with Gloria by Monteverdi and PS. Gomera by Polarion
    (breeder Gestüt Heinen):
    2nd place Dressurpferde A (1. Abt.)

  • with Highlight by EH. Michelangelo and Helia by Schwertträger:
    2nd place Dressurpferde A (2. Abt.) and the
    2nd place Dressurpferde L

Click on an image to enlarge.

July 2, 2006: Dressage Competitions at Gestüt Webelsgrund
about the dressage competitions  
We performed a large dressage competition up to class S at Webelsgrund stud July 1st to 2nd.

Report with many pictures

All results as .pdf-file (293 KB)

June 19, 2006: Colt by Le Duc
Colt by Le Duc 2006  
In Exton, Great Britain, on the Exton Stud of Margaret Allen, a Trakehner colt by Le Duc was born at June 19th, 2006. He is very much like his father. The dam is an anglo-arabian mare.

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

June 11, 2006: Foal branding and sales with trophy
Hillary with foal 2006   The weather was fine on June 11th, when we performed the Trakehner foal branding at the stud, one day after the central broodmare registration.
19 foals were presented. The winner was a daughter of Checkpoint and Anemone by Sabary, a filly with best Trakehner type and excellent traits. Anemone was Reserve winner of the registration for Niedersachsen in 2004. Breeder and Owner: Webelsgrund stud.

Reserve winner was another foal by Checkpoint, a dark brown colt. Dam: Schwarze Schwalbe II by elite-stallion Arogno. The dam Schwarze Schwalbe II brought the stallion San Krotenbrach, approved in 2004. Breeder and Owner: Bernd Schubert.

Six foals by Checkpoint convinced the public, especially all with their very good gallop. You can download the recently updated foal list as .pdf (53 KB). We show all foals presented at Webelsgrund with many pictures:

June10, 2006: Zentrale Stuteneintragung
For the third time, the Central Broodmare Registration was performed at Webelsgrund. Some images show the atmosphere of the place, more...

May 12, 2006: Michelangelo successful in Oldenburger breed

At Anja Gremmerts Gestüt Mühlbach-Hof successful offspring of EH. Michelangelo grew up in the Oldenburger breed:

Oldenburg's 1 E Premium stallion Mon Dieu from Duett by Donnerhall - Pik Bube - Windhuk and 2 siblings.
Marcello G * 2001, foal trophy in Oldenburg - now successful in Sweden in the dressage to L-level.
Diorella G * 2002, foal trophy/state premium mare in Oldenburg - 3 years old came second (in a basic competition), now broodmare.

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

  Mon Dieu
May 5, 2006: Le Duc
Le Duc  
Message of the new owners of Le Duc, sold to Great Britain: Hello, just thought you would like a photo of Le Duc and Ben when they came 1st at PSG 2 weeks ago. Le Duc is very well and starting to make lots of babies for next year. We are expecting his first baby in June. Hope you are both well and have lots of new foals.
very best wishes
Margaret & Jules

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

April 2, 2006: Foal by EH. Michelangelo
Hillary 2006 with foal by EH. Michelangelo  
To Hillary by EH. Arogno and Henriette by Postmeister, one of our horses for sale, a young colt was born on April 2nd, 2006. Breeder and owner: Gestüt Webelsgrund.

Click on the image or here to enlarge.

March 29, 2006: United Kingdom passes 30 Day Test
United Kingdom  
United Kingdom has passed the 30 day test in Schlieckau and thus again proved his quality. His grades for jumping and gallop were excellent (8,0 each), also very good was his gait (7.6).
His first two foals were lately born at the Heinen Stud farm. Their type, height and movements are already very convincing.

Jan. 1, 2006: Michelangelo Leads Again

Since 2001 Elite Stallion Michelangelo has once more become best stallion and best mare hereditor alive - see .pdf (170 KB).
He achieved an all-over-breeding value of 146 (issued by the Trakehner Verband Germany). He has sired 13 selected sons up until now!

Oct. 15 2005: Bronze Medal for Just Mickey
Just Mickey, son of Michelangelo won the team-bronze-medal under his permanent rider Tine Vilhelmson during the 2005 European Dresage Masterships in Hagen, Germany, read more...

Just Mickey
Sep. 30, 2005: Winning Foal by EH. Michelangelo

The winning foal in Baden-Württemberg is also of Michelangelo lineage, by Donaumelodie with elite stallion Caprimond. See more...

Sep. 15, 2005: First S-Ranking (Placement) for Julia Proppe
Congratulations to Julia Proppe for her first S-Placement with her gelding Xion by E.H. Michelangelo - Mother by Marduc bred by Kristine Gehrmann-Arp. --

larger picture of Julia Proppe on Xion

June 12, 2005: Trakehner Dressage Championship 2005

Once again the Class S Dressage championship took place at Webelsgrund on June 11th and 12th.

German report -- ( all results see .pdf 79KB)

feb. 10, 2005: Plaisir d'Amour

The Oldenburg dressage hereditor "Plaisir d'Amour" was stationed at Webelsgrund until the end of 2005, read more..

Jan. 1, 2005: Michelangelo in Front

Elite Stallion Michelangelo is right up in front, according to the breeding value estimate 2004.

June 19, 2004: Anemone XI by Sabary Reserve Winner Mare

During the first mare listing carried out in Webelsgrund in 2004 by the Trakehner breeding district of Niedersachsen-Hannover (Lower Saxony Hannover) Anemone XI by Sabary was approved reserve winning mare, read more...

      Anemone XI
Jan. 1, 2004: Michelangelo Best Mare Hereditor Alive

Elite stallion Michelangelo won best places again in the breeding value estimate 2004 and the breeding value estimate 2003 with an all over breeding value of 149 and 151.

our stallions
Checkpoint Heuberger
Checkpoint Heuberger
Elite Stallion Michelangelo Le Duc Betel XX
EH. Michelangelo Le Duc Betel XX